What do you think about dating a co-worker or classmate? Any stories about your experience? Was it GOOD or BAD

You got a story to tell about dating a co-worker or classmate? Tell it here...


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  • -at 14 I tried to date a girl in my class: she refused:-(

    -at 15 I tried to date a girl in my class: (the same) she refused again:-(

    - at 16 I tried to date a girl in my class: (the same) she refused again:-(,

    -at 17 I tried again, (YES, the same) she refused again...:-(

    - at 18 I dated two, no problem

    -I never dated a co worker

    -Two co workers I know that dated together are married and have twins

    -Some coworkers had affairs together

    -some had great rows next week or month

    Is that an interesting story? Not at all? I thought so :)

    • Pretty good- shows tenacity that you used to get what you wanted- and I'm sure that served you well in your life. I bet, looking back, that that was a point in which you said to yourself that you could do anything... so I did like it...

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    • Correction:

      "both happily married with another ONE" 5I'm no native English speaker, sorry.

    • Ok- hey, no judgments here.. we Americans haven't spoken English in years, according to some... LOL

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  • Me and my man before we had any kids worked at a place together and everything was fine at first. But not only did us speneding all of our time together, work and home, no break from eachother, hurt us. And made worse but the fact that I was moved up to a lower level of management and I was then his boss. It was really hard the day I had to right him up for not doing his job and backtalkling be when I told him it need to get done. He felt like since we lived together and slepped together I would just let it slide. But like I told him I had a job to do and I did it even though it was his 3rd wright up and I knew he was going to be fired. Things like that can get in the way of a good thing. After he was not there and working somewhere else things when back to normal..

  • Me and my boyfriend started dating in 8th grade of middle school.

    We only broken up once (in the summer going into our sophmore year) and that we don't count cause we were immature and dumb and it was only for 3 weeks!

    We're now senior's & High school sweethearts

    We have been dating now for almost 4 years (In april)

    He's the love of my life =]


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  • I met my wife in an organic chemistry class my junior year of college. We started studying together. Things worked out pretty well if I do say so myself.