I think I accidentally accepted a date from a coworker... how do I avoid drama if I don't like her?

I'm 99% sure I just agreed to what amounts to be a date with a couple of coworkers. It's me and, for the sake of naming, two girls, we'll call them Kate and Rachel. The 3 of us have always gotten along very well at work and flirted a decent amount. I admit if anything I'm far more attracted to Kate than Rachel, but the last couple of times my coworkers and I have gone out it's been the 3 of us hanging out more often than not. Here's the deal though... Kate has a boyfriend. And Rachel is the one who invited me to come hang out with the two of them.

It's evidently just going to be us 3, not even bringing along Kate's boyfriend. And my roommate, who is friends with Rachel outside of work, insists that Rachel has a thing for me 'and possibly one other guy'.

I don't want drama at work. I already agreed to hang out with them next weekend. How do I go from here? I don't like Rachel the way I think she likes me, but I don't want to assume she likes me and get all serious on her if it's just a 'for fun' thing...


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  • I guess you could casually try to mention the word "friend" to Rachel to get the message across like "I'm glad a made funny/nice... friends at work" she should get the message. Other than that I would just wait until Rachel made a move to let her know you don't like her like that, because like you said, it's possible she doesn't even like you.


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