Guys: Why did he change so drastically?

There's this guy I'm talking to. I met him on a dating site, and he's alright. We've been messaging back and forth, and I noticed that he wasn't really flirting. There weren't any flirty messages that I've recieved from him, so decided to ask him about it. I texted him saying "You're not really the fliring type are you? I'm not getting that with you." and he responded with "I guess not lol. It's weird to be flirty over text."

So the next day, I was on Skype with him and he started flirting with me like crazy. He even started sending all kinds of dirty messages, but he seems kinda new at it. Kinda generic and boring. He sent me pics of his body too, and said that it's not like him to do that. But why? If that's true, then why did he do it? He didn't have to. I would've been as fine without it.

What I don't understand is this. Why would he say it's so weird to flirt over text and then start flirting so much? It's not like I forced him to do it. I just asked because he seemed like he wasn't interested in me. That's all. I don't understand.

What's your take on this? Because I can't make sense of it right now.


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  • He put on a mask... For you!

    Could be using you.

    Could be that he is needing some.

    I'd be confused too


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  • what I make of it is he was sort of waiting for a green light from you to initiate that sort of stuff. Now whether or not he's telling truth about not having any experience with that sort of stuff or he's pulling your leg to make himself look good I don't know. He SEEMS to know how to send dirty pics and flirt, though.