Dating a girl with two other sisters...(got a problem)

Well, I shouldn't really saying "dating" but I this girl and I went on one date and I told her we should just be friends. She agreed, however I think she still likes me. I think she's OK but there was no spark at all. However I really liked her sister and wouldn't mind dating her *sigh. She was actually along on the date too. Anyway, she does not have a boy friend either. Curious would it be wrong for me to try and date her ... or worse yet even ask the girl I did go on a date with. She invited me to a dinner since they will be passing through my city (we are a few hours away). However the sister I am interested in won't be there. Anyway... I don't want to hurt any feelings here.


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  • You might have to play it by ear. Who brings their hotter sister on a date ... no wonder you had no spark?! Dumb move, on her part.

    • I agree! I mean what was she thinking - a guy first is attracted by looks that is just the way we are... seriously, can't help it. Then if there is no chemistry, we really got problems - that was the case with her. Then there was her lovely sister... ugh! I felt so bad, it was a horrible situation - but I hung in there.

    • It's not really "chemistry" though ... that's a horse of a different color. Chemistry is how well you click with someone. You might not have chemistry with the better looking sister, either. Being that you barely know either of them and they seem to live inconveniently located to you, I might just blow them both off and find someone else entirely. That's just me.

    • yep, I agree with you I may have no chemistry with her either - I however was clicking with her more than the girl I was suppose to be dating. So I already new we were a better match - plus she was better looking. Yeah, I'm probably just going to remain friends with the one girl I dated. I told her we shouldn't date - just friends. Of course she may think I'm still interested, when guys say friends we mean just plain friends that's it, it will 99% never happen.

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  • Crappy situation, sorry buddy. If you ask you'll most likely just hurt the girl's feelings and not get a date, but there is a very tiny chance that she'll be OK with it and actually set you two up. No one here can tell you if taking the risk is worth it, only you can decide that. If I was in your shoes I wouldn't do it, only because she lives far away, if she lived close I would go for it.

    • Your right, the really bad thing is I am totally attracted to her sister and not her :(. Just be friends and cut the loss here maybe? *sigh

    • Yea that's your best bet, LDR rarely work and the ones that do were once living nearby before being separated. I personally have never heard of a successful LDR that was one from the very beginning. However, if you two REALLY clicked then go for it (only problem is you don't really know her). Life can be a bitch.