This will be interesting

I text my boyfriend 6 hours ago asking if he comes to me after work ( his work is right outside here, easy to come see me for sure..

So I know he won't answer before after work and I am expecting a text at least within1 hour as he then have gotten home and eaten.

It will be interesting to see if he does like last time, one Saturday, when he ignored my text and I didn't hear anything from him until Tuesday having to text him thinking he was dead or something happen to him.

So lets say he don't text that will be obvious once again he doesn't care.

And what do you guys think about this?

he says I shall not go out on bars at least not alone,saying noo I shall stay home and relax, but he doesn't care text me back for example that does that sound he don't care being with me as he is so tired but I am not suppose to could out no matter what I will be sitting alone most all weekends as he knows all my friends are busy having man and children...
well he did text and said I am sorry but I am very tired...I just said ok..

but I would like to know what you guys think about me having to stay home while he is not with me anyway...

he said all his friends know who I am now so...( like if I did go out he would know )

by the way I have only met two of his friends, once
and by the way if he never want to start spend some weekends with me I will sure go out when I want to and not sit home like a sitting duck


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  • Sounds like you two need to set expectations.

    • yes I guess...its just that he don't like it and I don't want to come across as someone who likes to go out...its more because I am lonely...sometimes I think not to say anything and just go out...but then he said this friend thing that they alll know who I am...but maybe I can tell him in a way that he understand..

    • Some expectations are now set :)

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