26 year old needs help talking to a man after not dating for 2 1/2 years, can you help please?!

I am 26 and I have a 4 year old boy. I have not dated since his dad and I broke up over two and a half years ago. I am in college and there is a guy in one of my classes that is really attractive and he seems nice. I don't sit by him and I have had little interaction with him. I feel so out of the game and I don't even know what to attempt to do to get his attention or let him know I'm interested in getting to know him more. I need advice badly, please. Also, should I wait to make any move until the course is almost over to minimize any weirdness if he's not interested?

Okay...so not like anyone is ACTUALLY interested, but I'll update you guys anyways! Haha. So this guy and I have been in a discussion group that our teacher assigned a few times now. Well, yesterday we had to get into the group again and I sat right next to him. We actually talked a little bit and laughed and I looked good that day, so that's all promising! Lol. I'm just gonna get this shy boy to open up a little bit more and take it from there! :)


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  • Yup, I can help. I started dating for the first time in 15 years. Two teenage kids and I'm still like a wide-eyed teenager when it comes to dating a guy. Jittery as a school girl about whether I'm wearing the right thing, whether I'll mess up what I'm saying, whether he'll like me DESPITE the fact that I come with definitive baggage? Hmm.

    Then I realize I'm a friggin' catch. I'm nearly 40 and look like I'm not a day over 25. I'm full of energy and guys tend to like that I'm funny and easy-going. Overnights are still something I'm skittish about, but that's most likely the result of being monogamous for the better half of a 10-year marriage and celibate for the rest of that time, then having my catbox on ice during the separation and divorce proceedings. It's an awkward time at best, but some guys are patient and understanding. The others? They're not worth the time, effort, or perfume. NEXT.


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    • There's no choice, of course, but the initial stop-and-go was very frustrating. Now it's a little easier to tell who's going to run for the hills when you say "kids" (of any age) or mention anything about a future date. I try not to lose myself in the process, but there are days that bum you out because the guy seemed nice, just wasn't into more than a one-night thing.

    • Nice! Good luck. :-)

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  • Why not find a way to walk in the same direction as he after class and ask him casually how he likes it. Perhaps you can eventually find a way to stdy in a group or just the two of you. Then you can start getting to know him.

    • Thanks for your advice. It's so simple and very obvious but the way my mind is clouded right now, I couldn't come up with it on my own! :)

  • If I was you I would start during the course. That way you can do something like ask him if he would like to be study partners. No worries about being out of the game. A lot of guys are still the same. Just talk to him and get a good conversation going and then he will probably start being the one that wants to sit near you and talking to you. but if that's not going to well ask him about being study partners.

    • That's a good point, thank you! My last problem is that the course is not that hard and I'm gonna feel like an idiot asking to be study partners or have a study group! Lol

    • Lol does he ask you for help? If its not hard you can still ask him about being study partners for like a test or quiz.

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