Guys ...almost 4 months into us dating he screwed up...

I told him what I thought of him, then avoided him like the plague for a few weeks. He emailed me and called a few times, I never answered the phone and only responded to a few emails. After a week or so he let me be for almost 2 weeks. Then he emailed me randomly asking me to have a drink w him. I said no I had to work. He asked me the next night and I gave in(I missed him). See I really like him...have since the day I met him. We have fun and laugh alot! And can literally lay in each others arms for hours. Well he came over when he got outa

work(1am) and we sat in my backyard talking, discussing, laughing and he basically told me he was sorry, I told him I will give a 2nd chance but not a 3rd. He then asked if I had been seeing anyone and I admitted I met a man last week and I was suppose to go out to dinner w him the next day. He looked & acted like he was smacked in the face w a reality check, then got quite. I told him honestly I didn't want to go because its not fair to date a man when you are into another. He said he wanted me to go on the date w the other man because then he would have to step up his game to win me over. I don't feel right going out w this other man, because I know what I want, and its not that guy...its the one I have been dealing w. Are there any ways to give him that thrill of having to win me over w out me using some other guy to do it?

#side note: he left my house at 3pm to go to we didn't have sex


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  • i think, and I'm being extremely serious here, you should ask yourself "how old am i? 15? I'm I a little clueless kiddie to play such games? or am I fiercely independent, hard working, sarcastic, loyal and fun woman, who's old enough to understand basics when it comes to relationships?"

  • Its not random. You're courting. The 2nd 3rd 4th thing is completely weird. If you understand anything about people it is that they always mess up. You would have to give up your tally method to have him if you decide. But he might already be on to your controlling tendencies and that's what he wanted to suss out, and he did. Anybody will hug. And talk. Or go to lunch, if you buy. He asked because he is seeing someone. Or wants to, now. See? You have two men and one is enough. Maybe too much at one. That threesome idea is ridiculous. Drop one of them and see how it settles out over time. Your rush to judgement and assessments are ruining a lot of things. You can just stop playing with him if you want him to know you like him. He already knows anyway.


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