Good date .... now what?

Went on a kinda date ... which means went out with my crush and only friends of his and he paid attention to me .. only leaving me alone for a minute or two ... we danced, talked, plenty of flirtatious touching or while dancing ... there were two tings that I didn't do quite well ... I got a bit drunk because I was nervous as hell but that didn't seem to be a problem at the time ... now I think back on it and I don't know what to think ... secondly ... I texted him when I got home telling him that I had a good time and hoped that he did as well, to which he replied "I did ... good night and sleep tight".

Did I mess it up or should I just wait for him to make a move? The date was yesterday night.


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  • I don't think you messed up at probably weren't even that drunk (but you think you were because you're paranoid with nervousness).

    This guy is simply taking his time with you...him not kissing you isn't a BAD thing; he just doesn't want to rush thing.

    Funny when a girl thinks a guy that makes his moves quickly is too pushy...but if he takes his time, then she does what you do and starts wondering about his interest level.

    He just can't win with you, can he? :-P

    • I so hope that you're right ... he's the greatest guy I've met so far

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  • Give him a few days... If you haven't heard from him by Tuesday, send one more text saying "how is your week going?" or something. And if there isn't much response after that, you probably have to move on.

  • If you want him to make a move, then you have to give hints.

  • Open your legs. jk

    What do you mean now what?

    • my main concern is whether was it oky or not that I sent him that text ... I'm overanalising I know, but I need to cool off my brain

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