How often can I text a girl wthout getting annoying?

So I recently met this one chick, we exchanged #s and we've been texting for a bit. she's really nice and really cute, and I do like her but I don't want to come off as this dude who is really clingy. keep in mind were just friends. I often text her first, and I feel like she is annoyed. Ik what your gonna say. ask her, well if I do she'll say yea everything is fine...


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  • Stay busy. Women like a guy who's got substance and stays busy. It'll keep your mind off of wanting to text her

    • i play like 3 sports and have a dozen hobby's I can't get much busier, but thank you

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    • Ok thank you

    • took your advice combined it with another persons advice and it worked, thanks:)

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  • Is this a trick question? Girls get annoyed if you don't text back enough :P

    • Not if I text em back, just me texting her every day, she never texts me first

    • Dude, girls get annoyed whether you over text, or under's just how they are. It's better to under text though for a couple reasons

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