Should I just stop talking to him?

So I hung out with this guy in the middle of the week. We had an amazing time together he even told me he wanted to kiss me but was afraid of rejection. Now I saw first hand that his car was acting up and wasn't working right, I know that's stressful especially when you have financial issues. I texted him cause I didn't hear from him and he said I (meaning me) didn't do anything he was just stressed out. Yesterday he texted me and seemed depressed, not joking like we usually do so I asked him if he was OK and he said no and I told him if he needed to talk I'm here. I don't wanna text him and be all pushy so I'm leaving it alone. Do you think he lost interest in me at all? I haven't heard from him today, will he text me and eventually tell me what's wrong? Should I just stop talking to him?


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  • I"m in the exact same boat as you. What I am doing is just leave him be for a bit. Like you said you didn't want to be pushy about it. I"m sure he didn't loose interest in you at all. You guys had a good time together. don't worry about it! Maybe even give him a call instead of texting him. That's what I did and he seemed pretty happy that I called. :)


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