Guy takes forever to respond to a text even if he texts me first.

THe other day this guy I like texted me to see what I was doing. I responded and said I was going out with my friend Kristen. We exchanged a few other texts but then he stopped. He later texted me first again from the bars to see what I was doing but then when I responded didn't text me till morning. He said he wanted to meet up and every time were together he goes out of his way to make me feel special. I don't understand this.


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  • He's a guy. Texting is to get information, or exchange information.

    "What are you doing?" for example, requires an answer, not a conversation.

    "I'm going out with Kirstin" is the answer. That's it, he doesn't really need to say anything beyond that. He has the info he's looking for.

    Same when he was at the bar. What ever you replied, was enough for him. So of course he didn't text you until the morning or whatever. He was done.

    Stop expecting a guy to behave like a woman - he won't. He won't be interested in texting you to have long rambling conversations. No guy will. That's not how guys are.

    • I agree with this answer. He's spot on. Guys don't usually text and if they do, they're the type of guys with a lot of experience of texting a lot of females...
      Don't expect the guy to carry out a conversation. From what you said, he's texting you to find out if you're available, which is a GOOD thing. The fact that he keeps trying to see when you're available is an even better thing. As long as he's attentive to you and makes you feel special when you guys hang out, there really is no problem here.

      Don't expect text conversations. If you want a conversation, try calling him.

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  • He's either playing mind tricks with you or just a busy guy. I had a guy do that to me except he didn't go out of his way to make me feel special. Matter of fact, I felt like he didn't really have a crush on me. I think he was just acting interested because he thought I would fall for his tricks, but I didn't stop texting him out the blue & he texted me again the next day & when I didn't respond I never heard from him again.


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