Is he playing hard to get? If so, why?

Okay so I've been seeing my ex again recently. We dated a couple years ago for a couple months and he broke up with me. Then a year ago we saw each other for a month and then he broke it off with me again. Now for the 3rd time we are seeing each other and it's been more than 2 months. Last weekend we spent a night together and it was pretty amazing. So I texted him a couple times this weekend and never got a response from him. He has done this more than once. I really don't understand what his deal is and it makes me mad knowing that he knows whenever he'll text me that I will text him back. I'm afraid if I don't text him that he will just stop completely texting me. What the hell is his deal? I've thought about asking him what his intentions are but I'm afraid that I'd push him away again? Is he even worth a text back if he does text me this week which I'm sure he will?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You both are stuck in a "cat and mouse relationship" when part of the couple always has to chase after the other pair.

    It's emotionally stressing and unhealthy for both for you. I was in the same position as you once, this girl loved to make me chase after her affections and her love and I did for a while until I got tired of her games and in one of her "brake ups" I moved on and she got pissed but it was for the best.

    You choose to stay with him in this game or to move on.


What Girls Said 1

  • He's not playing hard to get..he's playing you because he knows he can you allow him to.

    By the sounds of it he doesn't want anything serious with you or more. Have some self respect and let him go he's like taking advantage of you every chance he gets.


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