Tips on How to Get a Date?

Hey guys, how can prospective ladies get a date?





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  • Put yourself out there. Be fun, interactive, friendly, flirty. That tends to help. Mainly though, whatever you do, when you're out there you gotta be yourself, whoever that is. Otherwise your dates will be disasters sooner or later. What you don't wanna be is a wallflower. So long as you're social, and show them who you are, and maybe flirt a bit when you see a guy you like, you have a shot. If that hasn't helped, then make a few moves of your own, or perhaps flatout ask guys out on your own. After all, what's the worst that can happen?

    Good luck.

    • I do improv and perform at open mic nights and tend to be the fearless, fun one. So folks roll their eyes when I tell them no guys are interested in me. Then I just roll my eyes back at them for not understanding.

      Maybe being a wallflower is something I should resort back to.

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    • I am not the type to ask people out unless I am unsure they like me. I'm sure guys go through the same things. All of us do.

      Usually, I can kind of hint at wanting to go out then they eventually ask me out. My guy friends lately just want to go out to new coffee spots every weekend, but none of them like me in that way.

    • Meh. Maybe I'm different from all of you. I always just take a shot with someone I was interested in, and if they said no, I moved on.

  • Avoid saying things like "ready set go".


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