Why he said you are cute like a little doll?

We were cuddling after sex, he said come lean on my chest, I did and he said you are cute like a little doll then kiss me on my lips and wrap his arms around me.

Isn't cute for kids, dolls and puppies. Shouldn't he be telling me I'm beautiful or sexy since we just had sex?


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  • Cute is a good thing. Some people are just cute, and always cute. It's not just for little kids. For example, I think that Alyson Hannigan is still friggin' adorable, and she's 38. Some people just have cute qualities. It doesn't mean you're not pretty. it doesn't mean you're not beautiful. It doesn't mean you're not sexy. It's just a compliment saying that you are also cute as well. It's really more of a personality thing than anything else. Seriously, take it as a compliment and don't over-analyze this.

    • Exactly...

    • Thank you. You're right, too, Irishtxn. This question asker is just nitpicking. Seriously though, she COULD ask him to explain, but really, it shouldn't be necessary. Why go to such effort to take a compliment as such an insult. Besides, if he keeps saying that when they're talking, he's probably talking about personality or about what she does. But yes. Being a size zero, might have something to do with it. Also being compared to a doll is not the worst thing.

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  • Come on now girl. Are you just nitpicking or what? So I'm guessing that you're a petite woman? How about adorable. Would that be a better word for you? By the guy a thesaurus and move on. I mean no offense but it sounds like you were expecting him to blow sunshine up your ass and didn't get it.

    • He did tell me I'm very pretty without make up. But when I hear doll I was thinking I'm not a kid.

      I'm 5'6" height size 0, not that short

    • Right. I get you. But just ask yourself what his definition of cute is. You might be surprised.

    • I will ask him next time, he says you are so cute a lot when we are talking

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  • no ,i think what he said was good enough...if a guy loves you he rarely will call you sexy...u should be happy that he gave you a compliment...cuddled after sex...what else you want.

    Answer mine too...

  • I think he is just being really nice, cause if he say the mainstream words like sexy and hot it might make you feel slutty