Am I Dead in the Water?

I have been dating a girl for three months and we have shared fantasies on a whole new level. She has caught me drinking & told me to quit ... She interrogated my life like no one else ... I have a lot of stress in my life & I use it for relaxation ... I pleaded with her to do something on Saturday ... She drove to my house smelled liquor on my breath & took off ... She than called my dad ... I went to a counselor on Thursday ... My father said he did not know anything about it ... She told him that she was done ... I sent a few texts Saturday & left a message yesterday ... Nothing ... We normally talked 2-3 hours a day & 100+ texts ... There is obviously feelings ... She always talked about being into me & when I did screw up ... She always forgave ... Do I walk away or will she communicate again?

So if she has not told me to go to hell & left a MSG that just simply says ... Lets just go our own way ..., is that a good sign? Not communicating for a period should be good proving I am not clingy ... That maybe I have said F it? Her ex husband had a gambling problem ... If I take a month off & get my act cleaned up ... Does she respect me for that?
That's how I feel ... But I care & I know I let her down ... She always came back ... She still has not responded to me as if ... Your f'd ... She did background checks on me ... She has gone out of her way to check me out ... So there has to be feelings ... I just wonder if its a waiting game & she does not know how to respond ... She is a firecracker always getting the last word in & we texted not stop all day ... She has to be missing some of that ... She loved the way I touched hr
Any suggestions to my next move would help ... The depression is killing me ... Is she wondering what I am doing ... She asked the question a hundred times a day


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  • she has trust issues,just because she is doing background checks on you doesn't mean she cares,she is looking for dirt so she can walk away...what will it be next? and if you do clean up will that be enough? she is too suspicious,have you done a background check on her?i bet not,thats not normal behavior

    • Is she wondering what I am doing ... She asked it a hundred times a day

    • She is a control freak who wants to know your every move,thats a heelish way to live..she needs to trust u,are you an alcoholic? a mean drunk? how much do you drink?

    • Binge drinker ... Told her repeatedly this is it ... I have started to go to counseling & take anxiety ... I run a major company ... I told her that I went to a counselor on Thursday, and that my dad took me ... I told him not to say a word ... Play dumb ... So when she showed up on Saturday she smelt liquor & left ... Called him & he said no ... She has not communicated ... Nothing ... Not even don't ever call me again ... Nothing ... It's obvious she is Pist & confused

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  • ok I'm confussed...

    1) Why is "catching you drinking" such a big deal?

    Did you lie and tell her you don't drink?

    Are you Mormon or Muslim or something?

    2) Yer a grown ass man, why is your wrinkly old father even a factor in this whole situation?

    • No on the religion ... I might party a little hard ... & told her I was trying to stop which I am... It's a responsibility thing & I understand ... So I said I would go to counseling ... & stop which I have, in the past I said I would quit & go to counseling but never did ... Now I have & I told her going forward zero drinking ... She has to respect that

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    • and, about your father?

    • She ... Called my dad after her Saturday meltdown ... Her showing up her & I had been drinking ... I had an appt with a counselor on Thursday said I went ... She called my dad he played dumb & I admitted I did not go but I talked to her & I did not go because I had liquor on my breath ... True ... I am extremely successful & she is a diva ... Constantly telling me she can get any guy she wants than says I am so into you ... Not yesterday though ... Just any guy ... She is trying to hurt me

  • walk away,who the hell is she calling your dad tattleing,if she doesn't want to date a drinker,lil miss perfect needs to find a mr perfect,good luck to her,u don't need a controlling , self loathing wacko like that ,life is already hard enough.

    • No on a mean drunk ... Say things I can't remember ... I desperately want to quit drinking ... I want to show her, I admit I need help & can't control it ...

    • u just have to dig deep down and face what is eating at u..drinking is just a band aide and if you don't straighten out the issues internally you will always need a band aid to cover it up.

  • It's really hard to say if she'll communicate again, but it honestly seems like she's done. Perhaps she's had people in her life affected negatively by alcohol, and that's why she doesn't want to have to re-live that kind of issue.

    You've tried to contact her though, so I wouldn't keep trying, otherwise you might alienate her even more.

    Good luck!


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