So it's bad to text a girl too much?

It seems bad because the girl will lose interest and go for a guy who doesn't text as much.

But when the two get together, the girl is annoyed when her boyfriend doesn't text her enough.

Does this seem backwards to anyone else?

It is amazing how guys and girls have such an extreme opposite opinion on this topic.


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  • It's a mystery alright... The whole etiquette surrounding text messaging is pretty baffling - you have to be careful about texting too often, too rarely, or too soon after getting their number; you have to say the right thing, and include the right smiley faces, and the right number of Xs & Os, etc - and it all has to be appropriate for your level of perceived closeness.

    To be honest I've given up trying to make sense of it, and just text whatever and whenever I feel like it (or better yet, actually *talk* to people).

    • I feel like women use a guys "bad texting" as a reason to reject a guy they think is not hot enough for them. This way they do not have to feel bad about it and not feel like they were a rude bitch.

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  • well it depends. go with the flow, if you send her one waut for her to responded do not act like the weird guy who keeps texting me after I gave him my number, I never responded and he kept texting and texting. it is major a turnoff.

    • Why did you not respond to his first text. I imagine he tried to get you to respond.

      It is a major turnoff to send so many messages, but it is also rude as hell to not reply to a first message or messages at all... especially if you gave out your number.

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    • great answer.

      You basically wanted to know that you are not completely non interesting or attractive to the opposite gender.

      Just think about how that effects the guys...

    • LOL not like that, it's more of a distraction. I know it's mean but it's the truth

  • text her but don't over do it,as long as she engages in the text its ok,let her initiate them too so you know she likes you the same


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  • Don't have texting conversations. Save that for when you're together. If the guy is spending quality time with her...she won't care that he doesn't text her much. If she complains about something so childish. Tell her you would rather talk on the phone or in person. A short little text is okay, but if she wants to start a long dialogue...then she needs to call you, or wait until she sees you.

  • Women are confusing creatures, they don't even understand themselves. Don't even try to understand them but yes, it's not good to overtext a girl. Always better to undertext that way if she's mad at you for undertexting you have a better shot at her. She can't get super mad for undertexting since no one ever exaggerated that

  • Actually we could simplify this.

    If you initially text somebody too much that comes off (not that the opposite person is always aware) as being desperate and sort of needy. If you think about it doesn't it mean "hey we just met but I don't have anyone else to talk to or anything else to do, plus I really really need you to talk to me please talk to me"

    If you're already in a relationship this sort of doesn't count as much.

    You could still text anybody initially however much you wanted to (I do this) but they somehow have to figure out that you're giving everybody else just as much attention and not just her/him.

  • It is a little backward, but understand the method behind the madness - she wants drama. She wants things to be interesting.

    If you're not texting as often, she gets to explore all the possibilities in her head, and worry over them. Where is he? Why isn't he texting? Does he not like me anymore? Is there someone else?

    Bizarre as it may seem to you, they get off on sh*t like that.

    If you're texting her too often, all those questions have answers, and she has nothing to think about, worry about or fret over.

    She's bored.


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