Anyone ever date truly horrible people and change because of it?

So I would describe myself as mostly optimistic. I like to think the best of people, and as such, I can be a bit naive. Naive to the point where I dated this one guy who was a habitual liar. I only found out about his lies at the end... I believed him entirely the entire time. It shattered my perception of the goodness of people. Now, I have trouble believing in anything anyone says, knowing that essentially a year of my life was a lie :/

Anyone have a similar depressing story?


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  • Yes. I fell in love with someone who was not only immature emotionally but mentally as well. Everything was all fun and games to her. She used me as a rebound but hid the fact really well by showering me with lots of affection and empty promises. One day a few days after my birthday, she dropped me, just like that. No warning whatsoever. A year later, despite being with someone else, she comes and kisses me drunk at a party- leading to the destruction of her relationship. You know what she had the cheek to do? Come back to me and expect me to be there for her... to be her rebound again. And what do you know, once again she leaves and goes back to the guy once he has forgiven her. It's happened again this year. The guy lies to her, they break up, and she starts flirting with me. It's been an emotional rollercoaster with her but I'm finally done. I was weak and broken and that's why I let her use me like that but now I've grown stronger from these experiences and I'm 200% done with her and her bs.

    • That is absolutely horrible :( I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I'm really glad you've grown stronger from those experiences. I feel like I've grown weaker because my sense of self-worth has diminished, so I'm trying to slowly build back my self-esteem.

    • My self esteem hit rock bottom too but you will build it up again eventually. It just takes time and determination. Best of luck!

    • Thank you!

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  • No. For what I use them for, they don't get to me like that. I drop 'em if they get uppity.

    • For what I "use" them for? You're not supposed to "use" human beings.

    • Let's not be a hypocrite now. Everyone does it.

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  • Yes. Similar story. Pretty much the same. I was really innocent and naive about guys too, until I had my first boyfriend. He was perfect, and everything was great until I found out months into the relationship that he was a real player, and an awesome liar. Now my mind is completely warped. I didn't think boys could be like that. I have trust issues now in relationships until I'm completely sure I can trust the person. So there is my depressing story. aha

    • :( I'm sorry. Yeah, people like that suck.

    • they sure do. : ) Guess you just gotta choose to let it tear you down or make you stronger.

    • Very true! :)

  • Yeah but try losing that sense of innocence at 10. Man is it a bitch.

  • i was in a similar story I dated a guy who lied about some things and was very manipulative he definitely made me pessimistic about finding a real and happy relationship where a guy really loves me and wants to show me off

  • That was my situation for five years. I still don't think I will ever be able to fully love or trust a guy again. I want to but I am so scared of letting someone get close and hurting me like that ever again.


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