When should I text her and what should I say?

Yesterday was a weird night. I met a girl at a party and we talked, then danced, then kissed and we had our hands all over each other. At first she was saying that she wanted to have fun, then she said she was having a lot of fun and then when I asked if it was just for tonight she said 'maybe, maybe not' then at the end of the night I asked 'so, can I call you?' and she said yes. So I'm pretty confident she liked me - I am all the more confident she does since she said she liked me - and I would like to text her (we're from two different cultures so texting is easier for us and I think it's also better for flirting, I'd rather see her in person rather than talk to her on the phone) as I said I would but I would like to know what you guys/girls think. The party was yesterday night, should I text her now or wait a day or two? I know that in my case, I would like the girl to text me right the next day, but because I think it's cute. I'm not sure women want their men to be cute. So I don't want to appear too clingy but I also do not want to appear like I am not interested in her. Also, what should I say in the text? We're gonna see each other next Thursday (we are in the same club on campus) and I am not planning on asking her on a date before then so I just want to know what girls would like to hear in those situations?

Everybody feel free to give your advice! Thank you very much ;)


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  • Definitely text her the next day. It's true that girls don't want a clingy guy, but when you've just met somebody, I *always* appreciate a text the next day. In fact if I don't get one, I assume that he meets girls like that all the time and that I didn't stand out too him. So definitely text her. But just keep things casual. Ask what she's up to, make small talk. Then get in to how much fun you had with her and how you'd like to see her again. If you guys click the convo will flow. Best of luck!


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