Second date, how do I impress her??

I went out with a girl on Saturday we hit it off super well we hung out at a cool bar (didn't get drunk just a couple drinks) and went for a snack after. Before we knew it was 3 hours later went by super fast and super good. she's texted me the next day saying she had a great time and I said we should do it again the following weekend in which she said she was down for. What should I do to impress her, I really like her and want to make this work were should I take her, or what should I do ? Their is a fair going on in my town should I take her or what?



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  • Yes, a fair is definitely fun and interesting.

    I say play it cool and don't rush anything. Only go for the kiss if you feel that the moment is right.

    The way you can impress this girl is by being yourself. It seems like you're already doing a great job and she likes you for you. That's good enough.

    • ya I think the fair and then mabye a movie? and yes I always act like myself I even told her that the first date I'm not scared to be myself and if people don't like me I really don't care...

    • then that's good :). sounds like a good plan, ull do fine.

  • Choose: Do you want to take her on a sit down, get to know you date? Or, do you want a more exciting have fun date? Maybe, a romantic picnic date? I think dinner is always a good place to start. Maybe a movie- let her pick to get a feel for what type of movies she is into, then you take her to dinner.

    • i wasn't somethig more fun we had a sitdown the first date. So I was thinking the fair and then mabye a movie, or movie and dinner not sure I want to impress her...

    • If there is a fair in town that is a good idea. If not, maybe see if there is a ban she liked in town or go to a rollerblading or iceskating rink and some dinner.

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