How long till she texts me first?

If you like a guy who's been texting you to get things going but your shy and your going to see a movie with him , how long till you text him first? I want to make sure I'm not bothering her even though she texts me back a lot. I'm not sure if its because ages so shy.

She is so shy. My auto correct is horrible.


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  • I like the Secret Squirrel...but its all about that Morocco Mole link was the bestest.

    Anyways, for you question...just hit her up. She isn't comfortable enough to feel free and text you when she feels like it. She probably has doubts about you liking her.


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  • I wouldn't want to come off clingy or desperate to him so I probably wouldn't text him first even if I liked him a lot. But it's a good sign if she's texting you back once you initiate the the text first.


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  • Some girls will never text a guy first no matter what...shy or not. You should be talking on the phone or in person more than texting.

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