Please give me advice, I'm a nervous wreck right now

Can someone please help me and give me advice?

I've been told by a close friend that the other classmates think that I am cheating during tests and quizzes in class just because I have a higher grade them them. I always leave my phone inside my bag under my chair, and my classmates always sees me do this. I don't get why they are accusing me of cheating. I'm guessing it was because I have an iPhone.

Anyways, a few days ago, several minutes after a test and when everyone was talking, I decided to text my brother after getting the phone from my bag. I was on my way out to leave the room when the professor took my phone from me, more like roughly snatched it, and asked why I was cheating. She then proceeded to go to the front of the class and announced "I just caught someone cheating, and I've spoken to you all about honesty before. I do not believe you, Ms._________" I wouldn't have minded being pulled aside and talked to, but the fact that she openly accused me in front of everyone...

That was when everyone turned to me and gave me dirty looks. I tried to show her that it was a text message, and not the internet like she assumed. But when I tried to speak with her after the class and explain, she pretty much gave me the look 'Don't even f***ing talk to me, you are screwed'. Now I can't even enter the classroom without being stared at by the other students and feeling uncomfortable. When I feel everyone's stares I can already feel myself starting to cry. I have to enter with a friend and go everywhere with him as I don't want to be alone like I usually was before.

Because of all the looks I've been getting from other students, I want to transfer schools or go back to America (I'm studying in my parents' home country for college). I want to stay here and finish college as it is more affordable. But I've always felt like an outcast here and not genuinely accepted. Sometimes it felt like classmates were purposefully forgetting to email me the lectures from class.

Yes, I'm a college student and you're probably thinking I'm acting like a child about this. But please understand that I've only been here for a few months and I don't really know a lot of people here. Making friends for me is a very difficult process because of past experiences. And I'm in a completely different country with a culture very different from what I'm used to.

Its a small community (college campus) and word spreads like wild fire. And teachers here love to gossip, so my other professors are giving me dirty looks too.

Please, if you can, give me some advice at the moment, I'm so scared right now.

The test was on a powerpoint and set to change within ten seconds. Most of it was identification of terms, classification, and how to write chemical formulas and structures.

I think I would've been noticed by others if I did try to reach for my phone. Unless, you know, I had like a superpower to swiftly reach underneath my seat without having to bend over and grab my bag and magically fish out my phone in my disorganized bag without anyone noticing.


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  • If you know you were not cheating then others gossiping should not matter what so ever and let it all pass. If you did cheat then assume the fact you got caught. People misjudge others and when it is all a lie then you find strength in their stupidity and in you not letting their thoughts and bad actions towards you matter...because running away from people who misjudge you is giving power to others they have not earned and everyone needs to earn respect and offer it until proof is shown to the deception another has knowing no one here knows you nor would ever do something to cause trouble for honest, did you cheat or are others wrong...

    • I've never cheated on a test or quiz in my life. I'd rather fail than to cheat and pass like some students who I DO see with slips of index cards and phones. In the school I'm attending, you really have to study and know what you're doing or else you'll be clueless for the rest of the semester. The surrounding students even saw me place my phone in my bag and under my chair.

    • Well then since you did not cheat WHO CARES or should care what 'WRONG' people think and say about you. The Truth has set you free and just ignore them and go on and succeed being the honest person you are. It sucks to know others are wrong but its not important in the long run that they might or do !

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  • 2 points here

    1. You have a place in the sun (scoring high grades), you have to put up with a few blisters (jealous people around you)

    2. WHY on earth (or venus) would you want to carry the phone and use it for any purpose during a test. Especially when you know so much about the people and place. Blame yourself this time and avoid committing stupid errors next time on, once you get off this situation that I pray you do

    • I don't even know that much about the people and place yet, so please don't presume that I do. I just arrived here 2 months ago. The reason as to why I had my phone was because of emergencies that may come up. I'm pretty sure that the other students had their phones in their pockets, assuming that the rectangular shape in their pockets were their phones, during the test instead of in their bags.

    • even in 2 months you have noticed the behavior of people such as the teachers there which you have described above. going by that it's only logical to deduce that their actions may not be guided by a well thought preset rules or regulations but more by heresay.

  • Don't be scared they probably said you where cheating because they are ignorant and thought this American women is going to make me look stupid.So they accused you.And the people accusing might be the cheaters trying to get the heat off of them. think you should Hold your head high because you did nothing wrong walk in that class look at all of them like they are all chimps and you are Jane Goodall.You can also talk to your other professors and explain what had happened.Not everyone is so quick to judge

  • When people usually have something negative to say, it means you're doing something right, and they are feeling inadequate. If you know you're not, then it shouldn't matter. Just do you.


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  • I wouldn't pay them any attention, they are just jealous that you are smart. As far as the professor goes, unless she penalizes your grade I wouldn't pay her any mind. If she does, you could prob go to the dean about it. Word if advice, do not use your phone at all while class is in session. Don't even take it out til you are completely out of the classroom. Your professor will see that you are still maintaining your grade without using your phone and she will most likely change her opinion about you.

    • We were given a short break after the test for a few minutes before continuing the class. That was when I pulled my bag from under my chair and looked for my phone. What I don't understand is why she didn't do the same to the other people who also had their phones out. And I wouldn't any attention to my classmates if they didn't make it so obvious that they are clearly against me.

    • I still wouldn't worry. Someone in your class prob was just trying to get you in trouble. Just focus on keeping your grades up and screw those people. She can't prove you cheated. That's why at my school they installed cameras in the classrooms for that specific reason.