Is she playing hard to get?

We both like each other and we both know the feeling is mutual, but when we text she's blunt but when we're together she seems happy. Yesterday at the movies she said she was cold I hugged/huddled her and she let me stay there and she was smiling but after a few moment she said "get off" but with a smile and laughing. So I she playing hard to get or what? And do her texts matter? And also if she doesn't respond to your texts, should you be worried after she mentions another guy friend?


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  • i could be wrong, but I am guessing she is perhaps not interested and is trying to be nice about it. you might want to officially ask her on a date and see where it goes... but be a little perpared for her to say no. But the only way to really find out is to pursue her and see what happens. I wish you well!