Does this 'playerish' guy like me or not...what do you think?

Ok, so there was this guy I met and kinda liked September last year. I saw him a couple of times, he then told me he'd be heading to Australia for 8 months in January. We kissed and I met him a few times at friends parties. I liked him, he, however had a "playerish" reputation.

Anyway he left beginning of this year for the 8 months, and contacted me after about 3 months of being there wondering how I was and what was happening in my life. I was so happy to hear from him. After that he wasn't back on Facebook until arriving home in September this year.

A few days after arriving home, he text me wondering what was going on. We texted on and off for a few days then met at a mutual friends party. We kissed. He told me that he would never have contacted me from Australia if he hadn't liked me. He also asked if I'd "go with him" I told him "yes, just not right now". That night I went to his and we just cuddled up and fell asleep. The next morning he took me home and I spent that evening with him.

The next week it was his best friends party and he wanted me there, so I went. He greeted me with a big smile when I got there. He offered me to read all the messages on his phone and he bought me a drink. After the party he took my hand and we all went to his house. He tucked me into bed and told me he wanted me to know he definitely liked me. We cuddled and fell asleep, again.

I woke up next morning and he asked me to lunch, I couldn't make it though because I had to get home. He then said about making plans mid-week. We did, and he was supposed to pick me up on the Thursday and take me out. After a few days of planning, I heard absolutely nothing from him. I messaged him and he didn't respond. Was so confused!

It was a good 10 days til he got back to me saying he had a pair of shoes to give me and came to drop them off with his brother. He phoned when he got to my house and I tlaked to him briefly. He asked if I'd be out that night locally with my friends I said 'think so' thanked him for my shoes and went inside.

Later that night he was with his friends. One of his guy friends (who I was seeing briefly) texted me and two seconds later, the guy I like texted me too.

See, I'm kinda confused because he was great with me then went very silent. (fair enough, he's been stressed with uni) but he didn't have to ignore question is, does he still like me? I want things to work for us this time. Due to his past less than favourable reputation he has no experience of having a girlfirend. I'm shy and not very confident, so even little bad things happening can make me doubt! what do you guys think?


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  • Ditch him. And I mean that. It's easier said than done, because any guy I've EVER been with (which has been quite a few, embarrassingly lol) was just like this guy. I've always been attracted to the bad boys, to the sweet talkers, to the players... it's just not worth it girl. I'm in a relationship now with the most amazing guy in the world, they DO exist, and if he did honestly like you, he'd want you to be around day in and day out with no 10 day breaks in between. He's not the one, keep looking :)

    • thank you! I'm the exact same as you then. and it's nice to know they do exist! :)

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  • He's giving so many mix signals. He seems interested and then he doesn't, the fact that he goes MIA after canceling on you seems really sketchy. I wouldn't give him all my attention after all he is the one not contacting you for a period of time. If he is truly interested and it's not one of his games he will make an effort to take you out on the date he canceled and don't be afraid to cancel on him, when a guy is interested they will understand that you have a life that doesn't revolve around them and their schedule. I hope things work out, he seems like a real nice guy but he's MIA too much

  • I believe a guy who is a player is more likely to be able to sweet talk you and be involved with other women. Don't get mi wrong they can change IF they want to but it's hard to do and it's not til way later =P I think you should just find someone who might be better to you. =/

  • Just remember that if he's a player chances are you aren't the only one he likes. Chances are you aren't the only one he's flirting with. Chances are you aren't his only special girl. Trust me leave people alone who are labeled as players, cause all you get is heartbreak in the end.

    • this is true, I just don't get why he bothers with a girl like me if he's a player. he knows I've had a good upbringing and more to the point I haven't lost my virginity, even to my year long ex!

    • I used to date a boy who was a player (hence my comment about all you get is heartbreak) and it didn't matter who they were he flirted with them! He thinks he's the hottest looking guy in the world, so I think he just liked to get the satisfaction of having girls flirt back with him.

    • i agree with you, think I'll pull the plug on this one...

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