He seems to be coming around but I don't know

We began talking again. He text me good morning and good night again.

I broke the no contact thing I had attempted and called him. He was speechless after sending nearly 45 min of text. I got fed up.

So now we are texting regularly. He text that he loves me, that the sun set reminded him of me, the moon rising reminded him of me. I told him the mist on the mountains reminded me of him. Then I felt the time was right to say what I truly felt " I still love you".. his response was " I was not expecting that"//

I tried to be strong and said, if you don't feel the same way don't say it. I suppose I didn't have to say that.

To this moment he has not said it...

Today he went out of town on business. He and a female coworker went out of town on business. He text me when he got to the hotel saying it was very nice and I would really love it. He added he wished he could have invited me.

I didn't dwell there..but I did think about it.

So he text two hours later he text me "having a drink with my coworker, hows it going"

this was not a phone call. I was not jealous but I am not happy. I responded "going ok"

He responded that's good.

So I followed with How'd you select that hotel the rooms are $300 a night? Sounds like you are already enjoying yourselves.

Thanks for the text. Goodnight.

I just didn't know what else to do.

Is it normal that after driving three hours they put things away and go to the bar? That he doesn't call me but only text?

Honestly the part about wishing he could have invited me did hurt a bit because he could have but he never suggested it.

An hour after he'd text me he text" just got back to my room goodnight. Sorry I missed you." But this morning he didn't text good morning. I figured he was rushing to get to the conference. He didn't text all day. Its now 6 pm
Maybe I'm the problem, Could be I'm just being too impatient. He did call tonight but I missed him. He said he'd call back...

I'm trying to be fair and not overreact but its hard sometimes..


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  • I really doesn't seem like he's coming around at all..seems like your going back to him and he's taken advantage of it.

    • thats also how it feels.

    • Don't let him have that power over you, you deserve someone better who's not going to have you waiting around for them.

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