Cute things done with your significant others. (Cutest thing wins best answer)

The girlfriend and I were cuddling in bed, kissing, and at one point she made a tiny growl noise and nipped my nose, and said "I shark!" in a cute voice. It was kinda hilarious at the time. Made me laugh. She just repeated a second time. "I shark!" and I laughed harder, as she explained that "I tiny shark, but still shark!" maybe you had to be there but I thought it was adorable.

What about you folks? What cute, and funny things have you done with your special someone that made you laugh? Cutest, or funniest answer is most likely going to get best answer. Give me your best, folks.


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  • me and boyfriend fight over stuff we want. we were at a bus stop and I finished my ice cream so I took his and we started to wrestle so I bent over and he stopped and said now babe, how am I suppose to get around that lol I took a few lick and he gt his ice are back. not cute as urs but it was 1st thought.


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  • We weren't dating at the time, but one night I was hanging out with my close guy friend and a few others. He turned to me and said "Want a kiss?" and I said "sure!" And he dropped a Hershey kiss into my hand. :D Our friend said it was the most adorable thing she ever saw.


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