When to ask a friend if there's a problem?

Ok, so something happened with a friend of mine, we got into an argument. A week after that I called her to talk things through. She said it was okay and we had some smalltalk. Though it wasn't the same as usual. She sounded a bit off. I'm used to hearing her quite often, on Facebook, text messages, meeting up, ...

Now school started again for me and since the argument we had, I don't hear from her anymore. She invited me to her birthday party next weekend and I'll go. She asked me to come around at 7, but maybe she texted that to the other people too.

Fact is, I hear her now maybe once a week and I haven't seen her since the argument. My sixth sense is telling me something is up, but I don't know what it could be.

Am I being paranoid? She told me it was okay and I assume things were good again. But we don't text anymore, don't call, she's not on Facebook, we're not meeting up anymore, ...


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  • I can't offer great advice without really knowing what happened to cause this argument. BUT, I can say that if this really hurt her its probably best to give her some space. Talk to her when you can and if you are still worrying, tell her. Friendships can end but if she invited you to her birthday party she must care a little.