Am I just crazy, or does he actually like me?

I apologize for the novel I'm about to write, I just need a few opinions from some people that have a different perspective.

There's this guy I've been crushing on at work for the past 3 months. Every. Time. I'm about to give up on liking him he'll do something that gets me sucked back in. For example, I was on a date once (it was a group one, my friends were there as well) and just when I was starting to get my mind off him, he called. Then a week ago I told myself I was done. Then that night he called me because I gave away my shift at work and he saw me on the schedule and saw someone else was there in place of me so he called to make sure I was okay. Then, later that night, I texted him about this concert DVD and he said how he was setting up the surround sound at his house to watch this other concert DVD and how "we should set a date to watch them both together" so we decided on Monday (Which was 5 or 6 days away) but we didn't really talk after that cause we didn't work in the same department. Sunday came and I was telling myself us hanging out wasn't going to happen, cause he hadn't mentioned it since. And I didn't want to text him bringing it up because I didn't want him to know I was looking forward to it so I gave up. Then he texted me later that night asking if we were still on. So I went to his house after class, we watched the DVDs then they were over and I was thinking to myself " I'm gonna go home :/" but then we started playing GTA and taking turns doing missions lol. It seemed like he wanted me to stay longer. Then his dad called and told him he had to go to the bank, plus he had to work on a speech, so I left. :( But we were standing outside and he was like "Are you off tomorrow? Cause I have classes, but we should get a bite to eat or something afterwards" and I agreed and told him to text me once he was out. Later that night he texted me apologizing for having to cut it short, he was just worried about the speech. THEN the next day he texted me saying how he pulled an all nighter for the speech and how he was going to pass out. I didn't mention how we were suppose to hang out or anything.

And now I'm just wondering, is he interested orrr? If he wasn't interested why would he have wanted to hang out again? but if he was interested why would he not bring it up? I would think he did it all out of pity, but I know if I was up all night doing a speech the first thing I'd wanna do is go home and sleep.

Oh by the way the whole time this is going on, he knows that I think he's cute, because this girl at work blabbed it a couple months ago.

I'm so sorry for this being so long. Thank you to whoever responds! I'm just a huge over thinker who needs second opinions.


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  • He could be trying to find out if he is interested, or if you are interested.

    See if you guys get together again, there should be some sparks and stuff that give away how he feels.

    good luck!


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