Online dating? What's your take on it?

So I've been using plentyoffish for a while now. I've been talking to this one guy that's a firefighter and he doesn't live too far from me. He wants to meet me and whatnot but I still don't know how I feel about meeting somebody offline. I'm sure I can trust him though and we are looking for the same thing.. but I don't know.. any advice?


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  • Meet in daylight, in a crowded place and carry the pepperspray just-in-case. That's online dating for you!


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  • Go somewhere public and make sure that you meet somewhere instead of him picking you up or w.e. Make sure that you tell someone where you are going and have fun be safe. Get some mace. lol. make sure your phone is charge and don't go anywhere alone with him until you can trust him.

    • A morning star is better than a mace, btw!

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    • haha oh yeah he was interesting. I mean I've been on this site before this time lol but I just can't get myself to meet anyone I've met online. I'd rather meet a guy through a mutual friend I guess or somewhere else not online

    • lol. Well he must be disappointed. hahaha. Well I guess it's not for everyone hahahah. Then again finding people to date is easy and falling in love is easier with someone who makes it so and sometimes your soul mate isn't right in front of you. hahhaha