Online dating confused a little?

So there is this girl that sent me a smile and then emailed me. She is really cute and seemed really nice going by her profile so I sent her an email back. I told her I can be really shy at first, she said she can be as well. Anyway we started talking on the IMer on the website, she is always kind of slow to respond for some reason. We talked a couple times, also I'm the one normally always carrying the conversations, she just answers my questions and sometimes adds some extra or ask me the same one back. Not sure if its just because she is shy or what. She does live really far away but she knew that and she contacted me first so distance doesn't seem like an issue. I mean she flirted with me in chat a bit, I told her how horrible I am at basketball and she said, "then we should play that together! With a laugh at the end. She will send Smileys and winks during certain, things she says in response to what I'm saying. From what she told me about herself she does seem nice sweet family girl which is something I like, but she just seems kind of unresponsive at times and doesn't add much to the conversation, is that because of her shyness? I'm not sure. We only talked for a couple hours I'm not really sure how this online dating works and what the next steps would be. Regardless she just still seems too shy, maybe she'll get more comfortable later on, not sure if its that or lack of interest though :/


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  • mmmmm...maybe she is shy or she's not good at coming up with things to talk about. I know people like that and it really does suck coming up with things to talk about all the time but sometimes others carry the convo and I'm content with just listening to them if I like them not if they annoy mi. hahaha. But maybe when time goes on she will open up a bit. I mean you like to take things maybe she's doing the same - trying to get to know you and such. What's your rush right? You could just ask her straight out if she likes you or not or if you're just wasting your time and see what her reaction is ^_^ I hope it helps.

    • Haha, I'm not that bold. Its just I'm trying to get are conversation's more interesting and more open, just seems difficult that is all!

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    • Well if I'm willing to talk for a couple hours, asking questions and keeping the conversation going that should be a sign I'm interested! I did complement her too!

    • it could just be talk or friendly conversation. =P nothing is clear cut as "i like you"

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  • Maybe she's talking to other guys too :/

    • Yes, more then likely. Not sure how to make myself stand out :/

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    • yeah I'm not crazy about it either but I work full-time and don't really have a social life anymore. Plus I'd rather not go to a bar to try and find somebody but I'm also still paranoid about meeting someone offline haha.

    • Yea, for me its work then gym and home. I don't go to bars and only other plus I go really is church, but since I'm shy I have trouble meeting people at these places :/

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  • If she's far away then she's probably just wanting someone to talk too.In the future don't bother saying that you're shy at first. Admitting that does not make her like you more.

    • Wasn't really expecting it too, just told her that in case there is some silence or I don't know, it's the truth and I just like getting that off my chest.

    • Girls want a confident guy whos assure of himself...not a shy and insecure person. Even if you don't need to offer up that info about yourself.

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