Live concert date question?

I'm going to this jay Z live concert tonight with this girl which starts at 8pm. I've been told he doesn't even come on until like 9:30-11:30. What do you do at a concert for all that time? Just sit there and listen? Do you talk for all that time? A sporting event is easy as the game is the action. But a live concert is long and I'm nervous how to pass the time and entertain her.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

But what do you do for the 3+ hours when you're at the concert? When you go to a game you watch the action. When you go to a concert what do you do just stand there and listen? Do you talk back and forth for 3+ hours? I think I shouldn't have planned this date because I am way out of my element and have no clue and this is going to be very awkward.


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  • she's most likely going to want to sing and dance along a little, I think if you just get into the music even just bobbing you head at first you'll find yourself having fun, I think communication during concerts is usually through body language and small sentences either yelled or said straight into your ear, just looses up and try to feel the music along with everyone else and you should have a good time.


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  • Take me to the girl's house there, then we want to entertain, have fun

    • I have no clue what your comment is saying.

  • Is there a support band? That's usually the case. They'd start at 8, play till 9, say. and then Jay Z will come on when he's good and ready.

    Between acts, yeah, you usually talk.

    • You're over35 and never been to a concert?

    • Never as a date. Not many times otherwise. I never understood going to see live music. I can listen to it at home where it sounds better and I don't have to be crammed in with other people. I also can do something else while listening. I think I made a mistake agreeing to this as a date because I don't understand the entertainment and I don't know how to entertain my date.