Internet dating advice?

so I am new to the internet dating can anyone give me any good advice on how to be successful in this area. At first I thought the concept of dating online was kinda crazy but have since been seeing a lot of successful couples. ready to try it online


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  • When setting up your profile...don't turn it into your own personal website. In other words, don't upload 15 pics of yourself, and write down every thing you like... ever done, or thought about. If you're really interested in someone...write them a very short email. Cute girls get 100's of winks, or smiles a day. Make sure you write something in the subject line that catches their eye...causing them to want to read your email. DO NOT comment on how they look! After you both send 5-6 emails...then ask for her number. (this is the only time its okay if she doesn't give the number). If you don't get the number, then ask about meeting her somewhere (in public) at least 4 days out.

    Its very tough out there! I'm decent looking, but from what I've seen...unless you're a "pretty boy" its very hard to meet online girls in person. The ratio of guys to girls online is 3 to 1.

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