Kissing frequency of someone you're dating?

Say you're dating someone and you're not officially in a relationship with them, how much do you kiss after the first initial kiss? Every time you see each other? Or...? How frequently?


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  • as much as she will let me! :-)


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  • i dated someone for a few months but it wasn't a relationship. our first kiss was on our second date..he started by kissing my cheeks then we just kissed on the lips and then we started kissing a lot and we made out lightly (without tongue)

    our next date I didn't know what to do. he didn't kiss me at the beginning but we went to a restaurant and he was kissing me on the lips and cuddling me then we made out at the end.

    from then on he would kiss me hello and goodbye and we would also make out.

    we did it a LOT.

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