Does he like me? Should I date him?

I'm a girl at university and there's this guy I know who's really confusing me. We get on well, and whenever we talk he's very flirty and friendly, sometimes in quite a sexual way. He makes a point of complimenting me and always seems really pleased to see me whenever we talk. However, while he's always friendly in person he doesn't make any effort to contact me, and seems unwilling to carry out a conversation over text or Facebook unless he's the one who started it. I've just recently come out of a relationship but I've had a crush on him for a while. I can't stop noticing him around the place and I just have this gut feeling that he's going to be important somehow. The trouble is that I'm not really sure if he's interested and I'm not sure if he'd even be a good boyfriend for me, he's really fickle and I want someone more stable. Any advice?


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  • "gut feeling that he's going to be important somehow" O_o? What's that about?... Anyway, as to your question, if he's not taking an interest in you (i.e. contacting you on occasion or trying to make plans to do stuff with you), there a good chance he's not interested in a relationship with you. Being flirty is just being flirty... Some people just like to flirt with no intentions behind it. At best he's just feeling you out. He might just want to get to know you enough, so that if he runs into you at a party you might hook up with him...


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