Should I tell the guy that I'm dating that I have panic attack disorder?

Hey guys,

I am being treated for panic attack disorder. it has been under control ever since I have been on medicine. I went out with him once and he asked me out again. we are connecting well with each other and I was wondering if he should know that I have panic attack disorder.

I don't show symptoms anymore but I have to take medicine regularly.


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  • I'll say yes because it's better that he knows before you have a panic attack and over reacts because of it... just finished reading your post and you can say "I have a panic attack disorder but I'm taking medicine for it, *breath* I just wanted you to know just in case I ever run out of medicine or if you are wondering why I take it"

    I had a girlfriend before who had anxiety it wasn't really bad but it did catch me off guard a little than she told me she get's really bad anxiety every now and than. after she told me I knew how to talk to her and help her through moments of anxiety.

    so I think if you and your boy friend are starting to get close and you think it is or it's going to be a serious relationship I would tell him sooner rather than later.

    • Thank you. I really like him and he has said and done all the right things. I'm just somewhat afraid that he might not want to date me after knowing that I have anxiety problems. But I intend to be honest with him, its just a chance I'll have to take.

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    • lol but it was helpful, so I had to give you credit for it. Yes, I told him and he said he is totally okay with it. In fact, he said that it makes him respect me more because I move on with my life and do the best I can everyday.

    • that's nice of him to say. I'm glad things worked out.

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