Dating Age Range - Your Preferences VS Social Preferences

I was wondering, for you personally, what is your typical cap on age when it comes to dating someone (if there is a cap)? I'm aware there's the two formulas for the so-called "socially acceptable" range (half your age +7, and twice your age -7 for youngest and oldest ages, respectively), but what's your personal preference, if any?

For instance, a if you saw a 23 year old girl dating a 38 year old man (or vice versa), what would your reaction be? Or a 56 year old woman dating a 43 year old man? Or even a 20 year old girl dating a 46 year old? Would you think one partner is taking advantage of the other, or that the younger partners are losing certain experiences they'd be having with someone closer to their own age?

Of course, there are possibilities of one partner using the other (or mutually using each other for some end gain), but this is assuming both parties mutually care for each other and aren't taking advantage of one another.

I guess I should add that I don't follow the formulas, and for me it's completely dependent on personality/compatibility. Admittedly, I've received some flack for dating older men ("But he's so old!" "What do you to have in common?" "Ew that's gross!" etc.), so for the most part that's why I'm curious.


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  • If they are really just an amazing individual then 18-21 is fine but rare for mi to like someone mi own age or younger. lol. But older most deff love the older guys. hahahaha. XD one to 4 years is good or what not but older than that is sexier to mi. the oldest would probably be...50.

    I don't really care if other people date older people it's their choice. It may look odd for a 19 year old to be with an 80 year old but at the end I'd say boy got game and some <3 pills. hahaha.

    so yeah. hahahaha.


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  • Hi: currently I am having an issue with the society about the age differences, my girlfriend is 21 and I am 43, her father is really upset and has told her nasty things about it. When I talk with her she says that she wishes she could forget about the world, I just dyed my hair and honestly I am worried about the future, if we can make it work


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  • I'm 20. I would date guys between 28 and 18. But at the same time, I really prefer MEN, not boys, so most guys my age won't do it.

    I tend to be more attracted to older guys, which is ironic because my ex is 4 months younger than I am (well he is my ex, hah). The current guy I like is 6 years older than I am, but we want very similar things in life and we have similar values.

    If I saw a 20 year old dating some 50+ year old person, I would think that the relationship would never work because they're in such different stages of their lives. But at the same time, it can and it sometimes does. It shouldn't be about age though. As long as they're both happy, right?

  • i wouldn't even date younger but technically I could date 17-18 as my youngest-um that is disgusting to me. vomit.

    the oldest I could date is 35 according to that rule.

    I'm 21.

    I dated a 33 year old. I think a lot of people would not accept it. But with the formula, I'm really too young for him if we applied it to his age. So what does that mean?

    Anyway I don't go by formulas. I like older, not younger, but I think 12 years is my max with pushing it.

    • When you dated the 33 year old, how was that? What kind of problems did you encounter, if any? Are you two still together (if not, why)?

    • i liked it a lot even though a lot of my friends thought it was gross. I didn't find that many problems the only real one was he wasn't looking to get serious and I wasn't either but it was hard keeping my emotions out. but we did have a lot of fun together it never officially ended, but I went to school so I'm not around at the times we usually used to see each other, but we still talk. maybe it'll pick up again. sometimes I felt like he didn't respect me that much but it was mostly pros.