Why do men make it so complicated?

i am going to make it short as possible. This guy I was seeing outta the blue text me one day and said something about not wanting to see me anymore that he didn't want to lead me on blah blah blah so instead of textin back I called him and he went about to sayt that he didn't like our conversations that he didn't want to lead me on that he didn't see himself with me in the future that he didn't feel sparks with me so that was that I never text him or called him then a week later he text me askin if I was doing OK I didn't reply a week later he text me again same question this time I said I was OK he went about to say he missed out lunch dates us going out so we slowly continued to talk then he visited me a day and everything seem cool then he text me suggesting we hang out anyway now I text him he won't text back he cancelled on me on our lunch date I don't understand can a GUY please explain what is going on in this guys head ... guys please help I need advice to guide me in the right direction.


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  • First of all I am sorry this has happened to you. I think the answer is that you need to move on. I think that he likes you as a girl on a string. Meaning that he likes the fact of someone being there, and when he let you go, he got lonely and decided he wanted you back until something better comes along.

    So it is time to move on. You don't need to be his girl on a string. (Please don't take what I am saying personally... this is his problem not yours.)

    I hope that you find your way...

    • i really appreciate your answer and I don take it personal at all , I had a feeling this was the situation but I wanted feed back to see if I amcorrect I stopped talking to him but when I do he comes back anyway thanks :)

    • Just ignore it...

    • i will try my best to ignore it.

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  • because the age you are at. its hard. preferably for something real you would want a younger women. however you can't help but like who you like. any women over the age of 23 is really starting to push the boundaries of fling and wife

    • why would you want a 20-23 year old for something real ? this guy is in his LATE 30's..

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    • you got to think, I spent my life getting to this point to have this financial stab ability. do I really want to spend it on a female who is past her prime. the answer is no I do not want to I would rather spend my money on drugs and 18 year old prostitutes

    • damn I read my response I i have never agreed with anything more in my life

  • I think he's not interested.


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