Don't be distant...come back..... :(

So, this guy and I have been talking and we would text from "good morning" to "goodnight."

When I got home from our first date he called me and asked me on a second one saying he wanted to see me 'asap.' He said thing like "you're just my type." and "I don't wanna scare you away, but I see things going places..." etc etc...

Lately however he hasn't been texting me. If we do talk it is because I texted him first. Whenever I do text him he replies and is nice and says he misses me and when we wrap up the convo he will say something like " I hope to hear from you soon." Implying that it will be ME who will have to start the next convo. That just makes me feel desperate and annoying.

I have had guys in the past pull the slow distant move on me before, where they are all for me and then nothing. Is my past making me fearful or do you think he is really trying to tell me something?


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  • guys just don't text as frequently as girls.

    sure at the start of a relationship when its fresh we'll try and keep up but texting back and forth just gets boring real quick.

    i've only been on this site for 2 days and have seen this asked by girls so many times.

    the point is when you do text him he replies sayiing nice things

    here's a novel idea why not call him next time because texting isn't really a conversation.

    it IS a phone afterall not a telegraph or morse code device.

    that way you can better judge from his tone of voice what he is really thinking, there's no way you can get that from a gadget.

    texting and the internet are killing human interaction

    • just to add... at the moment I can't put a link in my posts so google this and read,

      it will explain give you a lot to think about (everybody else who texts a lot and tries to start a relationship over text should also read)

      texting kills relationships tantalising Tuesdays.

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  • i feel like a broken record at times... You can guess what he is thinking, which could be a 50/50 bet. Maybe you are right, maybe you are wrong. Or you can just ask him what is going on. At least you will know. And considering what he has already said to you, it is not like you are being needy or jumping the gun. You just want to know.


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  • Please don't take this to heart. I did two years ago and chased away one of the best guys who walked into my life :( I'll never forget him

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