Meaningful kiss or meaningless sex -- which would bother you more?

If your boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife did one of the two, which would hurt worse?

And don't say BOTH. Obviously both would be terrible. But if you had to choose... which?

  • Meaningful kiss.
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  • Meaningless sex.
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  • this is an amazing question! I guess I would ultimately say that it is flawed for me in the sense that when you are married or in a relationship, any sex outside of that relationship would be meaningful in terms of the relationship--probably not entirely accidental--and regardless of my partner's lack of emotion towards the other person, hence "meaningless" would be an indicator of a larger and perhaps more devastating problem at the heart of the relationship. so I would say that meaningless sex would hurt more.


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What Girls Said 2

  • The second one. I mean you f***ed her to just f*** her? because she was there? what. then why are you in a relationship. lol. =P that would piss mi off.

  • I agree with the others, meaningless sex would both me more. In both situations, they'd both end in breaking up though. Meaningful kiss, she may just be the better one for him & it could have honestly taken him by surprise & he didn't expect to have those feelings. Meaningless sex, he just wanted to get some from someone else! Douche!


What Guys Said 3

  • Oh damn...that's a tough question!

    I'm such an affectionate and sensual person by nature, that for me personally, they're VERY close in terms of which would bother me more.


    I say meaningless sex would bother me a bit more.

  • Meaningless sex. I believe sex to be more intimate and personal than a kiss.

  • You mean meaningless kiss haha?

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    • OH. Okay haha. I was so confused... I thought it was a typo and he was trying to ask what would be worse, sharing a meaningless kiss or meaningless sex with your partner. This makes way more sense :P

    • I guess I'd go with meaningless sex.

      With the meaningful kiss, it means she's not really into me as much as she should be and, well, it's best for us just to end things if I'm stopping her from being with someone she really cares about. She didn't do anything more than kiss though, so at least it's like she probably tried to resist cheating but in the end only kissed him.

      With the meaningless sex, she doesn't care about me or my feelings and doesn't respect me at all. That's worse. I voted B.

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