What's the most flattering thing a pear shaped/hour glass girl can wear to a date?

Something that is not too revealing yet flattering.

I have thick legs and kinda fuller butt, not anything huge but I kinda wish I had a slightly sloped non-attention grabbing butt. I don't like my full rear or thick legs at all. I do however love my waist, shoulders, arms and basically everything from the waist up.


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  • Do not worry about yourself before ...every girl is beautiful...self-confidence...is will be a man who loves you


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  • You may not like your caboose but it's an asset. Remember Jessica Rabbit? J-Lo? Jessica Alba? You sound like you have the perfect figure for a pencil skirt: small waist, large hips and backside. Sounds frightening bu when you try to "hide" an hourglass shape, you end up looking like a barn instead of the hot stuff that you are. Skinny girls have a hard time rocking the pencil. The material bags so they look like they're squatting for a wee.

    You can find a good pencil skirt that falls just below the knee, which will accentuate the nipped in waist and knees for a lovely hourglass look. The best are made of thick but stretchy material, and look great in black. Wear a snug sweater or shirt with it. Because you're covering a lot of flesh, you can get away with a little cleavage or a tighter top. If you're self conscious about thicker legs, wear some boots that go to the knee (cloth styles are stretchy for larger calves) or wear black tights, which slim any leg.

    There are plenty of lollipops out there who wish they had those curves. Make them your best feature!