Supposed to hang out. Do I text him?

So I met this guy at a party last week. We danced for a while and he was pretty nice, but he left abruptly when his friends left. He got one of my friend's numbers and he sent her a few texts. She never answered because she has a boyfriend. She gave me his number. We texted a little bit and decided to hang out. He seemed interested in getting to know me. Asked some questions and was very nice. I have not heard from him since. That was a few days ago, we planned to hang out today. Question is, do I text him to see if he still wants to hang out, or is he just not interested?


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  • yes you do text. it doesn't come off as desperate you rather show that you have the open mind& your not playing games. what type of guy he is is how you know him. if you do like him, ther nothing wrong in a text sayin hello

  • Yeah for sure text him, otherwise you'll be sitting there confused!

    • I just wonder why he hasn't made an effort.

    • He may not be interested, or he could have been looking for a quick hook up at the party, but don't leave yourself hanging. Get that closure atleast, or go out and have a great time!

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