GIRLS, why do girls stop texting without warning?! Please HELP!

I've been texting this girl for a couple months. She just got out of a relationship before she started texting me. We have always had a connection but was never to make it work. She has told me she likes me several times.

We have talked nearly every day(long conversations) since then. Now she has basically quit. It was going so well. She said that she was pretty busy this week, but I really don't buy it. I have NEVER been too busy to send a text message.

My question is: Girls, can she really feel she's too busy to text? or maybe jus not in the mood? or tired? and how long should I wait before asking her about it?...if I even ask at all?


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  • What if she got back with her ex and doesn't know how to tell u. Or she probably is bizzy and forgets. I kno I get bizzy and distracted I forget to return calls and texts. You wanna kno, ask her about it point blank. ;) good luck.

    • i want to ask. but I worry that I will come on too strong. given the situation she's in, I'm pretty confident that she will not be getting back with the ex. if she does actually have feelings for me and enjoys talking to me, then shouldn't it be unlikely that she would forget?

    • Not if she has so many other things on her mind I'm sure she feels horrible though. I kno I would.

What Guys Said 1

  • The same thing happened to me man. I had seen this girl for five months, was going to ask her to be exclusive, we never fought, and then she just cut me off cold-turkey. What a mind f***. I hate how girls think it is okay to be so bitchy. If it wasn't for the fact that they can easily attract new men, I'd think they would be more respectful to the men they were already seeing. Sad, but true. I feel embarrassed that I even had feelings for this girl after she just disappeared on me like that.