Do I need to wonder?

I met a guy and he asked me out on a date, we made plans for Saturday (tomorrow night). we set the time and place and confirmed them before we ended the conversation. That was on Sunday. and I haven't heard from him since, but I also have not tried to contact him either. So I was wondering if 1. should I text him tonight or tomorrow to confirm the date and 2. should I worry if he is still wants to go on the date.

all the guys I have met in the past always text/call everyday so this is throwing me off.


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  • Just call him and ask. CALL. Don't text. Texting is the lamest, saddest, laziest form of communication known to man. Real couples TALK TO EACHOTHER. They don't text.

    • Thank you, its after 9pm right now where I am so I will wait till tomorrow to call him.

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