Should I date him or not? :/

There's a guy in my grade and he likes me. I don't know if I like him or not but I think about him all the time and I constantly find myself staring at him in class. He likes me so we're always hanging out together and flirting with each other. I want to ask him out but my friends always tell me to stay away from him and they say that he's an annoying creep. I know they're kidding but now I'm having second thoughts... He's a sweet guy and all but what if I date him and people start thinking we're creeps and they start gossiping about us? I really care about what others think of me...Please help me. Thanks!


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  • make up your own mind and well as I love to say everything is everything it's what you make of it that counts

    okay recently I started to flirting with this one girl who I have know for ages(I have know her sense high school but back then I was never interested in her until this year, but that is slightly irreverent) so anyways, I have another friend(he watches anime like me) and well he has told me a vague ass description of a guy "who he claims he has seen him groping her", at first I started to doubt myself, then I realized that I shouldn't be and that taking risks is part of life and I do like her, and only her as I have lost interest in other girls, and I have at this point, I have gotten fed up with his lies, he has no other proof and he couldn't even give me name so I told him to either to get me a name or a picture or to shove it, haven't heard crap but that was not that long ago, and people have agendas, so some may lie to try to stop you, but they may be telling the truth

    so don't think it's like you or them, it might be, but if you need the the truth as him about it or decide the past is the past and you are willing to risk it GO for it

    make the choose it is yours to make nobodies elses


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  • Don't listen to what other people have to say about him. You spend time with him and find out what kind of guy he is. Give him a chance. Don't ever let anyone else get in your way to give you an opportunity at happiness. Unless he does something wrong, there's no point in NOT seeing him.

    • Yes I think you're right. But what if people judge us?

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    • alright. This makes a lot of sense. Thank you! :)

    • You're welcome dear. Next time you see him, get his number and start the conversation via text or choose a time meet up outside of school so that all those other eyes won't be watching you two. :)

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  • It sounds like you like him and your friends are influencing you not to. In HS that's what you deal with but sooner or later you're going to have to stop caring what other people think and do what is best for you and not what is convenient for everyone else.