What are the chances that he realized he messed up and will come back?

My boyfriend and I dated for close to two years. We broke up a week ago because he was curious about dating other girls. I was his first girlfriend. What are the chances that he realized he messed up and will come back and how long do you think It will take? Everything in our relationship was fine except for his curiosity, which was making us both unhappy.. I just really need someone's advice, please?


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  • This happened to me when I was 21 and he was 24. Both of us were each others' first serious relationship. He went off to find out if the grass was greener then came back telling me it wasn't. He basically had a date with another girl and when it came to the crunch he got scared, realized she wasn't me and legged it! It took a while for me to take him back - I gave him a hard time. But as soon as I did he wanted to commit to me. We moved in together and got married. I was 23. The marriage didn't last. He wasn't the one for me and I moved on. I'm now 39 and at the break up stage of a relationship. Love him loads but he won't commit to me cos of me pressuring him to. Silly move.

    It might make him realize what he has with you. Or it might not. I would take time out to heal as I did and start having fun. In my experience, all guys who finished with me realized the mistake they'd made and wanted to try again. But by then I've moved on and are over them. And it's quite satisfying telling them that. I know it's hard, but you need to move on and learn from this experience, as hard as that is.


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  • Most guys prefer sexual variety over monogamy, if they can convince other girls to sleep with them. This is especially true for younger guys, handsome guys and guys that are smooth talkers/funny. I'm guessing that your boyfriend was a combo some all of the above, or at least part of the above?

    If a guy knows that other girls are going to be attracted to him, he very well may take advantage of it. As a girl, this might be hard to grasp, as most girls prefer commitment compared to sleeping around. At least he was honest and broke up, instead of cheated on you behind your back.

    I wouldn't hold out hope on him coming back if he's really interested in sleeping with a lot of new girls. My advice to you is to remain single for a little while and then re-enter the dating market after a few months if he's showing no sign of wanting to return to you. Waiting forever for a guy that wants to play the field is a bad strategy.


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  • He may or may not come back. But, IF he did come back, would you want to be with someone who broke up with you so he can date other girls? If you truly loved you and wanted to be in a committed relationship with you, his mind wouldn't be thinking of anyone else but you.

    Take this time to enjoy life and do all the things you always wanted to do. Don't wait around for him. If he does come back, then it'll be your choice whether or not to take him back. But if he doesn't come back, your life has already moved forward without him.

    If your waiting for him to realize anything, it'll take at least a few months for him to miss you. He's probably out exploring and having fun, and won't realize he misses you until he's no longer having fun (maybe an argument with a new girlfriend, bad day at work, his friends are too busy to hang out with him, etc).

    I was in a similar situation with a "curious" ex-boyfriend, and he never came back.

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