Is she into me?

Would you go out with a guy that you didn't like more than a friend?

We go to the same school, and talk sometimes. I've wanted it ot be just us ever since we first hung out.. but the first two times she brought a friend along. The other day I asked her if she wanted to do something and she said sure, and she didn't bring any friends. we went to lunch and hung out afterwards. She asked what I was doing next day.. so I asked her if she wanted to hang out.. she said yes but we never did.

Just curious girls, would you go out with a guy alone if you just thought of him as a friend?


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  • Yeah of course I would, but only when I have the intentions of getting to know him maybe have a relationship with. It also depends on the guy. If I'm friends with a guy for a long time I'll obviously go out to places with him alone with no intentions to be anything more than that. How long have you two been hanging out?

    • We've known each other for years, but never talked. we just started talking a couple months ago... nothing really to serious tho, you know? And just a couple weeks ago we hung out for the first time. yesterday was our third time hanging out.

    • I Honestly think she's trying to get a feel for the situation, kinda figure out how she thinks of you. Sometimes it takes girls a little while to warm up to a guy, especially if she wasn't instantly attracted to him. I would give it some t ime, see where it goes if she starts to really like you, you'll know. In the end if things don't work out, you'll end up with a good friend.

  • Yes, me and my guy friend mostly hung out just two of us and I don't have feelings for him. Call her, joke around get to know her better will help you to know whether she's into you or not.


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