Prom night situation what should I do?

So my school doesn't exactly have prom night but it has 4 theme nights. And one of them is prom night. It's coming up in 2 weeks and all my friends have dates but I don't and I feel so horrible. At first I used to make fun of people who cried over not having a date on prom but now I know how that feels. It's horrible.

I love going o school you could say My group is very popular in our school. But the thing is I'm different from my friends they're the kind of girls who don't mind what they're grades are and aren't creative and stuff. I'm the opposite of that and I'm not very open to everyone. Whenever people come to talk I just stand on the side even when the whole group is talking I just sit on the side because I have nothing to say.

So both my best friends are going with guys they like and the guys like them back. But no ones asked me out so eventually I'm gonna ask a friend to go with me but Still I feel horrible.

What do I do to make this feeling go away?

I was totally happy with going alone but my ******* school made this rule that no one is allowed without a date


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  • Wow, that sucks. I never went to prom, but regret not going my senior year. I was going to say you should just go with you friends and have a good nice even if you do not get a date, but you cannot go by yourself? What kind of bs rule is that. If you friend goes with you and I not see why he would not, then just do what I said and have fun.


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