What should I do? What should I write him back? Please help...

Hello guys, girls...

2 days ago, when I logged on Facebook to talk to my boyfriend,i saw that he liked his ex girlfriend's pictures...

And it made me so sad. Because he doesn't like anybody pictures so easily... He never liked my pictures...

Anyway, it also made me sad because he told me that he doesn't even talk to her. But when he did this I understand he does. So I was so sad and didn't talk to him and just went my bad to cry, cause I've waited to talk to him so much (he is a soldier so he can't use it so easily), and he didn't even told me that when he'll come. so when he got a chance, he spent his time to look his ex girlfriend's pic. That was what I thought. (and in fact wasn't excatly a girlfriend, she was a girl that he spent his one night, you know that's one night-stand stuff...)

Anyway, then about 2 hours he text me that he want to see me,i was broken and told him that I don't want to keep him busy, so he can talk anyone that he wants... and told him that I saw he liked hers pictures...

He said "believe it or not but I don't talk to her, but if you want me to apologize for like,its ok."

"I don't want you to apologize me for anything, you liked hers pictures, cause you like her, and I can't see another reson for you to do that" I said.

He asked me what he can do to make me feel better,"what do you want me to do to make you feel better" he said.

I just said "nothing."

"Nothing, that's it? this is so funny." He text to me, I told him the funny thing is he thinks he can recover what he did."

"It wasn't my intention to hurt you, and that wasn't something like big deal to tell me all these.What you want begging? maybe that's and alibi to leave me" he wrote.

I text him,"You liked all of hers pictures maybe to get her attention to talk to her, or maybe to show her that you like her,and its not something big deal to you? Do I need any alabi?"

I text him.

And then he wrote again"i don't need her attention, Because she one spoke to me, and I didn't Because I was speaking with you, if you think that I want to talk to her or something,and if you want, I'll erase her from fb, would you love me more then?"

That was his last message, and I didn't response, I don't know what should I say...

Yes I want him to delete her, but I don't know I'm so confused... Please help me what should I text him back?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I totally get you! This is annoying.. Men have no idea how much we hate it when they LIKE! Other girls' stuff. Especially bikini pictures... :(

    anyway, you're totally right. Liking pictures of exes, especially when you claim you're not in touch with them, is wrong. And your boyfriend wouldn't like it either.

    I'd reply:

    "it's not about "loving you more" or about Facebook, it's about respect. I think what you did was a lack of respect to me, and even worse, to yourself. I wouldn't do that to you.. And there's no making up about it. Just pay attention these kind of things won't happen again"

    and then just leave it. Unless you want to have a really big drama or to break up (that's overreacting, I think).

    good luck!


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