Is it OK to date and or have sex with your R.A?

For anybody that does not know what a R.A is, Its a residential Adviser. I am a junior in college and I live in one of the Dorms. There are several R.A's that work in my building. Some are Girls and some are guys. Its about 50/50. Anyways some of the girl R.A's are really hot! And they are very nice and friendly. I think all of them are also Juniors and we live on separate floors.

The reason why I want to know if its cool to date/have sex with them is because I want to have sex with some of my R.A's and maybe even date them. but I don't know if me hitting on them and trying to get with them would be seen as OK. So far none of them have done anything to make me think they are interested in me like that but I'm sure that with some work through out the year I could change that! :) lol. It is also early in the semester so I think it maybe a good idea to wait a little bit longer before making a move.

So let me know what the social protocol is. Any stories and/or experiences would be great!


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  • They are older and selected for maturity, and for sure they have rules about dating the residents they pretty much have to follow.

    So you will be seen as a problem if you flirt too much. It's OKto be friendly, but you can find yourself in trouble quickly since they have someone in authority they can complain to right away.

    I'd just try to get to know them, sit next to them at mealtime...try to be funny and curt. Of

    ten they will move on in a year and then you can meet them more as equals.

    Remember it's their job to be helpful and the are forced to be in contact with you.

    It's natural to be attracted, all guys are I think, But be cautious. She might spank you!

  • Sure, go for it. One of the female RA's I had one year seemed to be trying to have sex with every guy in the dorm by years end. Granted we had small dorms so that was less than 25 guys. She did get with at least 6 or 7 of them. The night she came to my room we drank rum and I fell asleep, so I missed my shot, but I wasn't attracted to her anyway.

    Sorry to run off on my own story there, but I guess my point is there really isn't any reason to treat the RA's any different than any other girl. Just be careful not to piss them off as they probably have a key that opens your room.