Is he just using me as his "temporary girl" ? is he playing me? So confused...:/

My best guy friend,and I have known each other maybe 6 or 7 months now? Yeah, not long at all I know. Well I knew him before he was with his girlfriend, and we liked each other, alot. But then we kinda stopped talking for a while, he got a girlfriend and I got a boyfriend. When we started talking to each other again, he started becoming maybe a little more affectionate to me, like when we would text he would send me hearts and say he loved me, and how adorable he thought I was, and how cute and stuff like that. Maybe about a month later or so, he tells me that he's been more affectionate because his girlfriend is in juvie basically, and he's

obviously been really lonely. I don't remember what I said, but he still kept on doing it, and he would talk about her less and less, and

pretty soon he blamed her for him liking me more than he should. I guess saying, he said" it's her fault she went to juvie, so blame her that I like you more than I should ;)". He told me not to long ago that he was in love with me, too. He even talked about a relationship with me, even sex, but not to worry about it because it was just "hormones". Well he's back in contact with her now, seeing her every night but he said he's hiding our texts from her, and that

raised a major red flag for me, He said," okay don't text me yet, incase she goes through my phone, I'm trying to make it look like nothing is going on between us." He didn't even tell me he was going to be with her, otherwise I would have stopped texting him so they could be alone. But anyways, I'm sorry that this is so long, there's just a lot I don't understand. :/ Mainly also because I remember texting him, and he said that he felt more connected

to me, because his girlfriend had been gone so long, and he was

tired of the loneliness and waiting. But he didn't know if he liked me more than her, or what.

And that's it. I love you if you really read all this. I'm SO sorry haha. And if anything at all is confusing, I'd be happy to explain it better, it's one in the morning so yeah...xD


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    Soo I hear you and I totally get where you are coming from Have been in the exact situation before. firstly remember

    -if he's willing to dump her for you he would be willing to dump you for another girl

    -if he really liked you he would not be with miss jouvie anymore.

    -it sounds like he's being a prick for the fact that he knows its his hormones but does it anyway and to his best friend!

    I Know when you like a guy you don't want to hear that he's playing you. he could be as confused as you are. just be on your toes and don't let him get something priceless and something only a guy who your in a relationship with deserves. I would tell him straight either he goes for you fully or he does not get anything. don't let him keep you by a string.

    Ask him to get his story straight first. or ells hearts are going to get broken and nothing would come of it.

    hope it helped a little:)

    Lots of love!


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