Single and failing to mingle!

Question says it all

I have hardly any time to socialize and meet someone of the opposite gender. How can I put myself out there more if I don't have time? and online dating is a big no for me.

How do you meet guys?


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  • So you don't go out to meet people, you don't believe in meeting people online...

    Do you expect people to just show up at your door and ask to meet you?

    (Believe me I've tried that and it just doesn't work)

    • Haha I know I need to go out more but where to?

    • Where do you live? In a city? In a rural area? Maybe you could try speed dating - if you're in an urban area look online for something near you. If that doesn't appeal to you, try something related to you interests. For instance, if you're into hiking or skiing, find a group near you for that activity. Google for it.

      Check out for your area and see if there are any groups near you of interest - maybe a singles group or something.

    • Live in a town, thanks good advice :-)

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  • not having time is not an excuse. you can flirt anywhere and eveywhere. on the way to work, when you get a coffee flirt with the staff, or waitors are also always fun to flirt with, or co-workers, or bus ddrivers lol everywhere you have have men you can flirt and "meet men" :)

  • College ? Church maybe